mother_of_godFollowing the introduction of new national restrictions on 5th November, there will be no public services in our church until further notice.

During the lockdown period, the church will be open every Sunday between 9.30 am and 11.00 am for those who wish to come to church to pray quietly, to reverence the Holy Icons, to light candles, or simply to be still in God’s Presence. If you are planning to come to church, please see the information below.

Praying together at home
Even though we cannot worship together in church, we can still remain united in prayer, worship, and love. Each week we will provide suggested services for Sundays and other Holy Days so that all who wish to can pray the services together at home. The words of the service and music for the hymns are available on the Praying Together at Home page.

Planning to come to church during the COVID-19 pandemic
In order to keep us as safe as possible, and to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19, everyone who comes to the church must follow strict rules for social distancing, hygiene, etc. If you are planning to come to the church, please click here to see the rules that you must follow.

If you think that you or a member of your household has Coronavirus, please do not come to church. For more information about Coronavirus, or to check whether you have symptoms, look here.

If you are clinically vulnerable (i.e. aged 70 or older, or aged under 70 with an underlying health condition) you are strongly urged to  the NHS advice before deciding whether to come to church, and to follow the guidance about keeping yourself safe.

ENGLISH – COVID-19 Guidance / Română – Sfaturi privind COVID-19 / РУССКИЙ – COVID-19 инструкция / ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ – COVID-19 Guidance / LATVISKI – COVID-19 norādījumi

Father Kosmas is very sorry that he is unable to serve in church at this stage of the Coronavirus pandemic: he has an underlying health condition that makes him clinically vulnerable, and he has had medical advice that it would not be safe for him to travel to Rugby to serve.

There will be no Liturgy in our church and no opportunity to make your confession here until Father Kosmas is able to serve again.

If you would like to speak to Father Kosmas, or to ask him to pray with you by telephone, please contact him: Mobile 07960 517266 / Email