Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23rd March, our church building is now closed, both for public worship and for private prayer, until further notice.


The decision to close all churches does not mean that we must stop worshipping and praying as a Community. Indeed, the spread of Coronavirus presents us with a call to unite ourselves more closely to one another in prayer and in love, even if we cannot be physically close to one another.

So that we can continue our common life of prayer and worship, we will make available on this website services that we can pray together in our own homes.

If we are praying the services at home, we should (if we are able to do so) stand in front of our icons, and light a lamp (or candle), and incense, if we have it. We should be reverent, and as far as possible behave as if we were in church – e.g. by standing for the reading of the Gospel.

If we are praying with our families or with other members of our household, we may need to be cautious about the spread of the virus, and to take appropriate precautions, especially if anyone appears to be unwell.

SUNDAY 29th MARCH 2020
Fourth Sunday of Great Lent
Commemoration of Saint John of the Ladder

Order for Reader’s Typika / Obednitsa / Обедница for Sunday 29th March is available on the Choir page.

If possible, begin the service at around 10.30 am on Sunday morning, so that we can say or sing the prayers at around the same time. But don’t worry if it is better for you to pray at a different time: God is not bound by time.

If your circumstances do not allow you to pray the whole service – if you are unwell, or overstretched, or working, or if you have caring responsibilities – you may still be able to use part of the service in your daily prayers. In any case, let us keep the Lord’s Day prayerfully in whatever way we can, so that we can be united in faith and in love, even if we cannot be together physically.


If you would like Holy Water to use in your home, please contact Father Kosmas (Mobile 07960 517266 / Email who will be happy to send you some by post. 

Father Kosmas is also able to send you Holy Oil from the reliquary of Saint John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco, which can be used for anointing.

If you would like to speak to Father Kosmas, or to ask him to pray with you by telephone, please contact him as above.