Baptism, etc.

Arrangements for the baptism of a child must be made directly with the priest, Father Kosmas. While our church is closed for regular services, please email Father Kosmas, clearly stating your name, the child’s name and age, and your preferred date for the baptism. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, you should give at least three weeks’ notice of your preferred date.

During the Cornavirus pandemic, the font, furniture, and other surfaces in the church must be sanitized between services to prevent the spread of infection; the number of Baptism services on any day is therefore limited. We are sorry that this means that we may not be able to offer you your preferred date. 

Baptisms usually take place on Saturdays and Sundays from around 2 pm onwards. Exceptionally, baptisms can be arranged on other days if Father Kosmas is available.

Father Kosmas will discuss all the arrangements with you and will give you a written confirmation of the date and time. Please wait for this confirmation before making any other arrangements such as telling your family and friends, booking a venue for a baptism party, etc.

The Church does not ‘sell’ sacraments, so no specific fee is charged by the priest to perform the baptism. The Archdiocese makes a charge to issue a Certificate of Baptism: a fee of £60 is payable. If your family would find it difficult to pay this, please speak to Father Kosmas: we do not want any child to go unbaptized, or for their baptism to be delayed because of cost.

It is also customary to make an offering to the Church as a sign of gratitude. The value of this offering should be in line with the family’s financial situation.

Adult Baptism and Reception into the Church

Adults who have not been baptized (or who have been baptized in a non-Orthodox church) and who wish to become members of the Orthodox Church within our Community must discuss this directly with Father Kosmas. Please email him to make an appointment to speak by telephone or via Zoom.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, adult baptism or reception into the Church by chrismation will only take place after the person who wishes to become a member of the Church has been attending services regularly and faithfully for several months, and after appropriate instruction.