Services for Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th May

Christ is risen! Χριστὸς ἀνέστη! Христóс воскрéсе! Hristos a înviat!

In spite of the slight relaxation of the lockdown rules, there is still no news about when it will be possible for churches to open again. We have all been deeply affected by not being able to attend services physically, and especially by being unable to receive Holy Communion. May God give us all courage, strength, hope, and perseverance to carry on our journey through these difficult times. We all want to see our church open again, and we hope and pray that we will be able to meet again soon! Until that day comes, let us continue to be united with one another in prayer and worship, even if we cannot be together physically in church.

A Service for Sunday 24th May is available on the Choir page, so that all of us who wish to do so can pray the service together in our own homes. For those who wish to say or sing Vespers on Saturday evening, this service is also available on the Choir page.

If possible, begin the Sunday morning service at around 10.30 am, so that we can say or sing the prayers at around the same time. But if it is better to pray at a different time, we will still be united in faith and in love: God is not bound by time!

Sermons for Sunday 24th May, in English and Greek, may be found here.