Urgent call to pray tonight: Friday 27th March

On this coming night of Friday 27th March to Saturday 28th March, beginning at 7 pm UK time (9 pm Greek time), all Mount Athos monasteries and their dependencies are to serve an All-Night Vigil to the Most Holy Theotokos, the Guardian of the Holy Mountain, and to the Martyr Charalambos, known as the healer of infectious diseases. They will thus entreat God’s mercy and grace, and especially the Most Holy Virgin’s intercessions and Protecting Veil, and Saint Charalambos’ prayers.

The monasteries are also to hold Cross processions with relics and wonder-working icons according to our Holy Tradition. The Sacred Community expresses the need to join them especially on this night in their prayers, and expresses the need to strengthen prayers and the celebration of the Sacraments during Great Lent; and calls on all to repent “with all the power of the Spirit of the Lord, the Life-giving Source overcoming death.”

The Vigil will be served simultaneously in all monasteries and their dependencies. We can pray together with them using the Akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos, or to Saint Charalambos, by reading the Psalter, by saying Vespers and Matins, the Typika, or the Jesus Prayer. These are just suggestions, and are not meant to be exhaustive!

Please share this message, so that it reaches as many Orthodox Christians as possible before the coming night.

One translation of Small Compline and Salutations to the Theotokos may be found here. Many other translations are available online!

The Akathist to Saint Charalambos may be found here. (Link to external site)