Wednesday 25th March: The Annunciation to Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

We had planned to serve Vespers and the Divine Liturgy on the evening of Wednesday 25th March to celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, services cannot take place as planned, so – with great sadness – we will not be able to celebrate the Liturgy together on the Feast.

So that all of us who wish to do so can be united with one another in prayer and worship in our own homes, an Order for Reader’s Vespers is available on the Choir page. If possible, begin the service at around 7 pm on Wednesday evening, so that we can say or sing the prayers at around the same time. But don’t worry if it is better for you to pray at a different time: God is not bound by time. In the words of the Psalm: “The darkness hideth not from Thee, but the night shineth as the day; the darkness and the light are both alike to Thee.”

If your circumstances do not allow you to pray the whole service – if you are unwell, or overstretched, or working, or if you have caring responsibilities – you may still be able to use part of the service in your daily prayers. In any case, let us celebrate the Feast prayerfully in whatever way we can, so that we can be united in faith and in love, even if we cannot be together physically.

May God give us all great joy in the keeping of the Feast!