Advice about Coronavirus

The Office of the Archdiocese has issued the following advice and guidance:

“Our world and our lives are being challenged by the issues surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus. In response to the many questions and requests received, the Archdiocese offers the following information:

1. The NHS and government have offered guidelines concerning the virus. The faithful are asked to place close heed to these, as to protect themselves and the community.

2. In the Church, we are called to worship in the spirit of free will. We express this firstly by choosing to attend Church, reverencing the icons, kissing the hand of the clergy, and so many other actions. Each person must choose how to act and how to express himself/herself in the Church and in life, in general.

3. As Orthodox Christians, we believe that the Holy Eucharist is the Body and Blood of the Resurrected Christ. We also believe that germs, viruses, and other diseases are not transmitted through the Eucharist. The 2,000 year old history of the church affirms this, as no clergy or faithful have ever fallen ill because of Holy Communion.

The Church is a place of sanctification and healing of the body and the soul and we ask Christ, the Physician, to heal our fallen world and all of us.”

The official text from the Archdiocese may be found here.